Since the start of FacecoverUS we have been committed to donating one mask for every three we've sold.

Below we have listed of the organizations that we have donated to so far, we have included their details below if you wish to connect with them and support their mission.

For nominations, please email with details about the organization


Allentown Rescue Mission

The Allentown Rescue Mission helps homeless men 18 years and older reintegrate back into society with its three distinct programs, Emergency Shelter, Transformation Program, and Clean Team Workforce. The programs identify the individual needs of the clients and give them the confidence and tools needed to succeed.  The Allentown Rescue Mission fought to stay open every day of the pandemic. Each man who comes through the door is in need of a mask, and with the help of FacecoverUS we were able to donate over 100 masks on behalf of our customers!

Group of men, wearing a masks from facecoverUSLady holding a box of masks

Delaware County Domestic Abuse Project

The Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County (DAP) works to prevent domestic violence and empower victims to move towards self-sufficiency. Throughout the pandemic they served over 100 men and women in need. With the help of the FacecoverUS family we were able to donate over 150 masks for them to stay safe. DAP provides a hotline for those in need, the hotline is available to all seeking information about DAP’s services – victims of abuse, their families, friends and all concerned community members.

24/7:(610) 565-4590
Media, PA

Essex Valley School

Essex Valley School services about eighty students in need from ages thirteen to twenty-one years old. There are about 70 staff working to help these students. This year has been incredibly challenging and our teachers have stayed committed to the students they serve. We thank them for all their hard work and are happy that these face covers are going to such an essential part of our community. 

group of individuals wearing a mask
Essex County, New Jersey 


Alternative Services Inc-Northeast

The vision of Alternative Services-Northeast, Inc. is to empower people with varying capabilities to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their community. Alternative Services believe that all individuals served, regardless of abilities or limitations, are entitled to community integration in housing, employment, and social. They help over 100 new clients monthly and FacecoverUS was able to donate over 400 masks for their current clients and those in the coming months. 

group of ladies with masks on
Lewiston, ME

Grace's Table

Grace Table has worked tirelessly through the pandemic to serve at-risk teenage mothers and their children. They have a large team of staff and volunteers that help these young women in need. With the help of our FacecoverUS family we were able to donate masks to their organization. Grace’s Table has been an anchor of home in their community and we are so happy to have been able to donate to them. 

group of ladies with masks ongroup of ladies with masks on
Grand Rapids, MI


Holt High School

Holt High School is part of the Wentzville School District where they are serving hundreds of students during these difficult times. As the teachers and administration are reporting to the building to teach they are in great need of face masks. With your help, Facecover US was able to donate over 250 masks for all the essential workers at Holt High School. With your help we were able to make this donation. Thank you!
Holt, Michigan

Weehawken Township School District 

The Weehawken Township School District is a school system that serves hundreds of students and families in need. They are a small town within New Jersey with about 300 faculty members/staff. Teachers are one of the most critical parts of our community. This year has been incredibly challenging and our teachers have stayed committed to the students they serve. We thank them for all their hard work and are happy that these face covers are going to such an essential part of our community. 

Girl standing in front of red doors with flowers and a staircase behind her. She is holding three white boxes, with a white floral face mask on.
Weehawken, New Jersey

Hudson County Schools of Technology:

High Tech High School is a public school in Hudson County. Hudson County provides children with a challenging academic program in a technology-based environment. They have three locations and over 300 members/staff and serve hundreds of students each year. With your help we were able to provide masks for all three locations, to protect our local teachers and staff. 

Thank you so much for continually choosing FacecoverUS and helping with our mission of donating masks to essential workers and those in need.

Standing in a horizontal line, there is two men to the left, two ladies in the middle, and two men to the left with face masks on. In front of them there is a white table with three open boxes with face masks in them.
Secaucus, New Jersey

North Bergen School District

The North Bergen School District is a school system that serves students from Pre-Kindergarten to all the way up to High School. They have over 1000 faculty members/staff and serve thousands of students every year. Teachers have always been the backbone of our society so it goes without saying just how essential they are. 

After meeting with theSuperintendent of Schools, George J. Solter Jr, he gave us some insight into how much work has gone into keeping the schools open for the children of the community.With your help we were able to donate 1,200 masks which will go to the 9 schools under North Bergen’s school district. Thank you so much for continually choosing FacecoverUS and helping with our mission of donating masks to essential workers and those in need.

Four men standing in the far back with over 10 boxes laying open on a table in front of them.


North Bergen New Jersey

Park Lane 

The Park Lane is a senior living residence housing where they provide activities, dining, hands on care and much more for their residents. Park Lane has accommodated their facility to still be able to receive new residents with open hands in COVID-19 guidelines. During these tough times FacecoverUS was able to donate to all the residences in Park Lane.  Every resident will have a mask to keep them safe thanks to customers like you. 

Three older women seating with face masks on, with a women and male standing behind them
Monterey, California

Meals on wheels 

Meals on Wheels provides meals and support to seniors and adults with disabilities and their families all around the Bay Area in California. In the month of November FacecoverUS was able to add a facemask in everyone's goodie bag during their holiday delivery. Now the recipients of Meals on Wheels will have a mask to keep them safe whenever they need to answer their doors and receive their meals. 

Two ladies standing in front of an organization holding face masks.
Menlo Park, California

The Convoy of Hope

A Convoy of Hope is an organization that does it all. With the help of local churches, businesses, community service, and health organizations, they have helped various families all around the world. They have provided groceries, health services, haircuts, family portraits, job services, veteran services, a hot meal, new shoes, and much more to children and families in need. With their community events, disaster services, agriculture programs, and women empowerment classes they are committed to making a change in their communities. With your help we were able to donate 500 masks to Convoy of Hope. These masks were given to families in need along with other goods needed to get through these challenging times. 

A male holding a box whole of face masks, with a lady to the right of him holding a thumbs up
San Jose, California

The Hoboken Shelter

The Hoboken Shelter is a community partnership that has transformed more than 500,00 families since 1982. They provide over 500 meals daily for the hungry and services to support people who need shelter. 

Image of boxes of donation masks and a thank you note sent to people
Hoboken, New Jersey


PERC Palisades Emergency Residence Corporation’s mission is to provide emergency shelter for people in need. PERC has a day program with access to housing, case management and support services, permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals, outreach in the community, a soup kitchen and a food pantry.

Image of people at shelter wearing FacecoverUS facecovers
Union City, New Jersey


St. Lucy's Emergency

St. Lucy's Emergency Shelter is a supervised emergency shelter facility for single women and men offering emergency housing and food for those in need. St. Lucy's offers assistance in essential providers, education and addiction-treatment programs as well as two meals a day, clothing, a shower program and outreach services for the unsheltered homeless.

Jersey City, New Jersey

St. Joseph's University Medical Center

St.Joseph's high risk antepartum unit has nine rooms with sixteen high risk pregnant women daily. The essential nurses in St.Joseph's help pregnant women that are at high risk, pre-term in labor, diagnosed in stationary diabetes, postpartum and out ofgynecology surgery.

Hospitals need face covers more than any other organization and we are happy that they went to women who are at such high risk.   

Paterson, New Jersey

Hope House

Hope House is an emergency shelter for homeless women with children. Housing up to 20 mothers and their children a month, the program offers short-term supervised residence, including three meals a day, assessment/planning, case management, housing, education, food, and clothing. 

Jersey City, New Jersey


For over 115 year, WomenRising has been helping women in need. WomenRising helps these women with job placement, workforce development, provides supportive counseling, crisis intervention, shelter for victims of domestic violence, outreach, advocacy, referrals, and much more.
Jersey City, New Jersey

Port in the Storm Homeless Youth Shelter

The Port in the Storm Homeless Youth Shelter provideslife skills, basic needs, job skills, housing assistance, and offers 16 beds for the youth in need of love, mental stability and a place to call home. 

St. Augustine, Florida

Helping Hands Foundation Inc.

The mission of La’Dreamer & Daisy Helping Hands Foundation Inc. is to empower and provide resources to underprivileged children through educational investments, recreational activities, job skills, student resources, and community engagement.

New York, NY

Tillary Street Women’s Shelter

ICL helps people of all backgrounds address emotional, mental health and developmental disability challenges. All of their programs are grounded in person-centered care because all aspects of a person’s life affect their health and well-being.

Brooklyn, NY